Ew..ewey…eweeeyy….I don’t want to see it turn into a Racoon

by on Jan.28, 2016, under Ellaisms

Said Ella as she opened the door to a small green Caterpillar swinging from the Jam…

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Dod Shepherd Thing

by on Dec.13, 2015, under Ellaisms

Sheep dog

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My battery has got heavier

by on Jul.13, 2015, under Ellaisms

After charging it has more juice in it…

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by on Sep.30, 2014, under Ellaisms


“Frenemy” (less commonly spelled “frienemy”) is a portmanteau of “friend” and “enemy” that can refer to either an enemy pretending to be a friend or someone who really is a friend but also a rival.[1] The term is used to describe personal, geopolitical, and commercial relationships both among individuals and groups or institutions. The word has appeared in print as early as 1953.[2]

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Hello Timber

by on Dec.07, 2013, under Ellaisms

Upon buying our Christmas tree this year, the sales girls dragged out the for-mentioned ferm and upon releasing it to the floor, shouted “Tiiiiimmmmmber”

As it came to a graceful rest upon the saw dusty ground, it was greeted eagerly by Ella.

“Hello Timber”.

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Clubbing Teenage Bees

by on Jul.11, 2013, under Ellaisms

Are the bees that fly through your windows in the early hours of the morning.

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Aeroplane name

by on Jun.05, 2013, under Ellaisms

Daddy, what is my aeroplane name? What is my passport name?

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Please can you Thermometer me?

by on Aug.18, 2012, under Ellaisms

can you “monitor” me..in relation to monitor Ella wrapping a present for Mummy..I only thermometer Ella when she is ill and i take her ear temperature. LOL

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by on Feb.01, 2011, under Ellaisms

Pronounced Can-oo-eeee – or Canonoey

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English Clothes

by on Jul.25, 2009, under Ellaisms

Can I wear my English clothes today (chav ware)

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