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The Tronson foree into the world of Aquariums began a few months ago.

The introduction of a small 12l tank complete with three small goldfish

Bubbles, Neptune and Rainbow.

Bubbles, the fearsome gold common goldfish
Neptune, a comet yellow thing….deceased
Rainbow, a shinbunkin…deceased

Rainbow Mark 2 …bullied by Bubbles…deceased

Bubbles then moved into his pink Marina tank….images to follow

Rainbow Mark 2 died soon after…to be replaced with

7 minows…

3 since deceased.

Then I installed the Fluval spec 5 l tank at work.

Returned once from lunch to find it had been squatted in by

Lulu (gold fantail)…image to be attached.

The poor thing was battered by the current and was quickly relocated the same day to the 12 l minnow tank.

She adapted well to her new home and the very lazy minnows were given a slight wake up call by the wobbly fantail.

Soon we got Lulu a companion

Goldie (another small fantail)

The two fantails have become great friends and keep the minnows on their toes.

Meanwhile back at the office the fluval spec had been planted with live plants…

names of plants to be added.

2 weeks into the live run appeared a small creature soon to be named

Gonzales…the smallest speediest snail in the west.

Gonzales continues to grow and speed around the tank.

There have been reports of a second, mini Gonzales in the tank…yet to be confirmed.

OF other note, week 2 the bogwood continues to develop mould.

IN the owrkld of Bubbles, a new mini goldfish has been installed, Sequin

Next we installed the 30l fluval flora,

3 weeks of cycling, added some plants.

Added 6 danios, 3 male yellow, three female silver.

2 weeks after the danios and much algae, added 1 african horn snail, 1 flying fox ( ithought it was an SAE I am wrong. 1 small plec, five male guppies.

Lost three guppies

Added 2 new guppies and 6 neon tetra.

one male danio jumped out the tank, thankfully found rock hard by door.

Meanwhile at work tank 5 cherry shrimp have been added to keep gonzales company

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